What is Citizen89?

Citizen89 is a platform connecting media and event creators with entrepreneurs and experts looking for exposure to engage their shared target audience.
Whether you create Opportunities and Source Talent or you seek Publicity and Growth, Citizen89 will help you do it more efficiently!


What pains does Citizen89 solve for me?

As an entrepreneur, you need to raise your authority through content marketing and public exposure.

  • Do you have the right connections?
  • Are you visible enough?
  • Is your profile featured appropriately anywhere and does it gives justice to your Talent and Expertise?
  • Would you rather focus all your time and energy on creating value for your business and brand?
  • Would you like to Collaborate to improve your target customer reach?

If you answered Yes to any of those, Citizen 89 is FOR YOU!

Citizen89 enables you to showcase your expertise and experiences in a sleek and efficient online publicity profile. We also give you a Public URL to use in your marketing material.

Other platforms do not allow you to showcase yourself or your business for media, publicity or marketing purposes. We cater for that.

Citizen89 also gets you access to relevant global Opportunities you can apply to, to positively impact your audiences and customers. We’ll even let you know when an Opportunity matches your profile so you don’t miss out!  

On Citizen 89, you can advertise and showcase your Keynotes, your Workshops, your Products or any Content you want to publicly share.
Finally, you can find Collaboration Opportunities to partner with adjacency businesses to amplify your publicity efficiency and reach.

How much does it cost?

The Free option is suitable for Entrepreneurs who only want to use our basic features.

The Premium membership ($29.99/month or $299/year) is for Entrepreneurs who want to apply for Opportunities and form Collaborations to create publicity and business growth.

Please visit the Plans and pricing page to see what features suits your needs.

I already have an agent, should I join?

Of course you should: you’ll gain access to far more global Opportunities than you would with any agent, at a global level too! Without effort: we take that pain away from you. Our algorithm will match you only with relevant Opportunities, and we’ll send you an alert every time. You can always search for yourself if you want to broaden your criteria.

We also enable Collaborations that help grow your business and your brand.

Can I advertise or sell my product directly to members?

No. Direct selling member to member is not permitted by Citizen89. All our features have been designed to favour Authentic, Efficient and Ambitious Collaborations.

Anybody not respecting the rules of our community will be banned.

If someone contacts you and wishes to purchase your Products or Services this is of course permitted as this is the purpose of the Pitches & Ideas section.

How do I join?

Click Sign Up which is located in our top menu. Once registered you need to confirm your email address to complete our registration process.


How much does it cost for me?

It is completely FREE for professionals creating Opportunities or sourcing Talent.

Are you an agency?

No, we are not an agent or an agency. We do not represent anybody nor do we take any commission from any jobs or work you source.

With Citizen89, you get a far better service than through any agent: broader choice, objective options (we help you assess the key qualities you’re looking for – we have no interest in placing anybody) and it’s completely free for you.

I am a journalist, how can I use your service?

It’s incredibly simple: just signup and complete the Basic Information of your Standard profile. It takes 5mn and you will immediately be able to:

  • Post Media Requests, jobs and Collaborations
  • Search our Talent directory
  • Search for inspiration in our Pitches & Ideas section
  • Contact our Members directly
  • Use our Booking facilities
I am looking for an expert for my tv show/magazine/blog/podcast… or a speaker for my event, how can you concretely help?

You create an Opportunity request that will get interested Talent to apply or contact you directly. You can then look through their Publicity Profile and contact those you wish to collaborate with.

Alternatively you can search through our Talent directory and narrow down (or extend) those key criteria you’re looking for, using our appropriate filters.

Our bespoke Publicity profiles will enable you to really get a feel of the Talent through videos, photos and their given information.

Additionally, if you are looking for a story, an angle or simply inspiration, you can efficiently search and filter our Pitches & Ideas section where you will find Keynotes, Workshops, Products and Content (incl. Real Life Stories).   

I am a PR can I use your service?

Of course you can. You are free to create accounts for all your clients and post as many Opportunities as you wish.

I have my own show on Facebook, can I use Citizen89 to source guests?

Yes you can! You can post a Request and find interview guests that are perfect for your target market by using our bespoke filtering and matching system.