Citizen89 is the go to collaborative platform for business growth and publicity.

We enable great people with great ideas to positively impact audiences and customers through collaborations.

We believe in Authenticity, Collaboration and Ambition

Creating and Sourcing Meets Publicity and Growth

We bring the worlds of media, events, marketing and entrepreneurship together so that they can all benefit from each others needs. One platform, with a number of awesome features that efficiently connects professionals so that they can collaborate and reach their target audience.

What you can do with our platform

  • Post your requests and receive applications that fit your requirements
  • Source experts and professionals who match your target market needs
  • Find speakers, authors, facilitators and media sources in our talent directory
  • Filter any of our listings so that they match your exact needs, location and budget
  • Find content and interview guests in our pitches and ideas directory
  • Search through our keynote and workshop listings
  • Source products and services for promotions and giveaways
  • Form collaborations for content marketing and promotions
  • Create new products and services by collaborating with our members

Our Name

So who is your Citizen89?

What do they like, watch and read? Are you solving their pain, entertaining them and keeping them engaged? Every customer and audience member you have, has a target market persona, if you’re not talking to their soul they will listen to your competitor. We place your target market needs at the heart of everything.